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Write Yourself to Wellness Workshop


REDISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE FLOW Learn writing tricks to stimulate and refocus your mind. Our creativity is easily buried under stress and routine, yet it is the best path to confidence and inspiration. This workshop

Write Yourself to Wellness Workshop2021-02-12T08:33:55+00:00

Pilates Chair Workshop


PILATES CHAIR Workshop Instead of having the postural drain that comes from sitting in your chair all day, join this workshop and learn how to use your chair as a fun pilates exercise prop.

Pilates Chair Workshop2021-02-12T08:52:13+00:00

Good food Good Mood


Good Food, Good Mood We will show you how to manage your mood and mindset with proper diet and thoughtful coping strategies

Good food Good Mood2021-03-03T09:57:49+00:00



The Breathing Class will alleviate stress and anxiety, while helping with concentration and sleep. Breathing exercises are good for your lungs, posture, oxygen intake, and blood pressure, we will combine psychotherapy and relaxation techniques


The Inefficiencies of Multi-Tasking


The Inefficiencies of Multi-Tasking - Learn why doing only one thing at a time might make you more productive than ever – at home and at work

The Inefficiencies of Multi-Tasking2021-02-01T18:05:10+00:00

Habit Change


It’s All In Your Head  Learn how your mind – and your mindset – affects your ability to change your habits and your outcomes

Habit Change2021-02-01T19:07:20+00:00

Choose Stillness Over Illness


Understand what mindfulness really means and why slowing down may be the key to getting ahead.

Choose Stillness Over Illness2021-02-01T18:11:39+00:00

The Stress-Less Routine


Small things you can do every day to free yourself from physical and mental stress | Also available as a 90-minute seminar incorporating extra content about nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

The Stress-Less Routine2021-02-01T18:08:59+00:00

Avoid the Top 10 daily stressors impacting physical and mental health


Avoid the Top 10 daily stressors impacting physical and mental Health Let’s Talk About Stress  Top 10 unhealthy habits that stress out the body and mind and prevent optimal health, mindset and productivity

Avoid the Top 10 daily stressors impacting physical and mental health2021-02-01T19:14:36+00:00