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Self Care Massage Series Online Introduction


Self Care Massage Series available in English, Spanish, French and Italian. The Vital Touch Self Care massage series is designed with you in mind. At home, at work, anywhere these techniques can offer

Self Care Massage Series Online Introduction2022-03-07T20:26:50+00:00

Pilates Chair Workshop


PILATES CHAIR Workshop Instead of having the postural drain that comes from sitting in your chair all day, join this workshop and learn how to use your chair as a fun pilates exercise prop.

Pilates Chair Workshop2021-08-19T11:26:27+00:00

De Stress at your Desk


Your comfort, mind-set and environment all affect your mood and concentration. This workshop teaches a range of subtle techniques to create a personalised haven in your desk space where you can be at your

De Stress at your Desk2021-09-12T08:20:19+00:00

Laughter Therapy workshop


Laughter Therapy Workshop Laughter not only provides a full-scale workout for your muscles, it unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. What's more, your body can't distinguish between real and fake laughter - any giggle

Laughter Therapy workshop2021-09-12T08:21:18+00:00

Covid Help at hand! Psychology based sessions


The sessions we will offer have been especially created with us by experienced mindfulness coach, psychologist and author – Jess Using mindfulness techniques and tools based on psychology.  Each session will be discussion on

Covid Help at hand! Psychology based sessions2021-09-12T08:21:42+00:00

Ball Rolling Workshop


Ball rolling Workshop A fun body rolling workout where you tone and lengthen muscles, stimulate bones, and release energy blockages. You let go of unproductive patterns in your body. Body rolling allows you to

Ball Rolling Workshop2021-09-12T08:22:21+00:00

Write Yourself to Wellness Workshop


REDISCOVER YOUR CREATIVE FLOW Learn writing tricks to stimulate and refocus your mind. Our creativity is easily buried under stress and routine, yet it is the best path to confidence and inspiration. This workshop

Write Yourself to Wellness Workshop2021-02-12T08:33:55+00:00

Good food Good Mood


Good Food, Good Mood We will show you how to manage your mood and mindset with proper diet and thoughtful coping strategies

Good food Good Mood2021-03-03T09:57:49+00:00