The sessions we will offer have been especially created with us by experienced mindfulness coach, psychologist and author – Jess

Using mindfulness techniques and tools based on psychology. 

Each session will be discussion on the topic, tips and advice, meditations and Q&A

Work with less stress – introducing mindfulness techniques for calm and focus.

Learn about how stress can affect us in our working environment be it at home or in the office. Discover how to counteract these effects with some mindfulness techniques. Experience a moment of calm with a relaxing guided meditation.

Calm your mind – how to manage worry when things are uncertain.

The types of thoughts we have can create anxiety and low mood. During uncertain times we are more susceptible to worried or negative thinking. In this workshop you will learn techniques to help you step out of thoughts that are unhelpful so you can have a more positive mood.

Mental flexibility – how to manage the rollercoaster ride of emotions during challenging times.

We will always experience a mix of positive and negative emotions in life. During challenging times, these ups and downs can become more prominent and harder to manage. In this workshop you will learn mindfulness techniques to help you to feel more balanced and in control of your emotions.

Connection for wellbeing – how to stay feeling connected when you’re working from home.

Many of us have experienced a big change in the way we interact with people over the last few months. Connection is a basic human need. Learn how you can feel more connected even in reduced circumstances to help improve your mood and general wellbeing.