Therapeutic treatments

We will guide you through a consultation to determine your specific requirements. The full-body treatments can range from gentle and relaxing to more intense deep tissue work, depending on your needs and wishes.

The massage is given on a very comfortable massage table using wonderful relaxing, organic, essential oils to soothe, relax and energise. Gentle music is played and the client is covered with warm towels.

Sessions can range from 30-minutes to 1,5 hours. After each session, we can re-evaluate the frequency of future visits, deciding together whether a regular ‘maintenance’ massage is enough or whether an intense sequence of sessions to deal with specific issues is recommended.

We also give personalised lifestyle advice on posture, diet, water intake and stretches. We work closely with a personal trainer in order to help you with exercise maintenance and core strength, in addition to having a wide network of osteopaths, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, pilates and yoga teachers in Barcelona that we can refer you to if necessary. Our team speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian & Swedish.


10 Reasons to have The Vital Touch treatment:

  1. Relieves muscular pain, strain and tired joints
  2. Helps mental/emotional stress/anxiety and boosts your self-esteem
  3. Calms down the nervous system and helps you sleep better
  4. Better immune function
  5. Lowers blood pressure and increases your circulation
  6. Better athletic performance
  7. Helps posture awareness
  8. Detoxifying and energising
  9. Relaxing
  10. Makes you feel fantastic!