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Our expertise is Wellbeing and we help companies thrive by helping their staff to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.

The Vital Touch Wellness services Online

We believe many companies are being challenged with keeping their staff engaged & motivated.

The Vital Touch offer effective and affordable online and onsite wellness programs that focus on movement, mental health and nutrition. Our sessions help improve self-care, focus, energy levels and concentration which will strengthen team building, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity. We help you have a happy workforce!

The three pillars of Nutrition, Physical and Mental Wellness are fundamental for a happy workforce. Our online services are helping companies worldwide accompany their employee`s in the office or working from home.

  • Guided Self Care  – self massage
  • Desk Yoga/ Pilates/ Laughing therapy Yoga
  • Get up and get moving – Active Breaks
  • Mindfulness
  • Covid Help at hand! Psychology based sessions
  • Various Nutrition Workshops
  • De stress your self at your Desk Workshop
  • Monitor your Posture Workshop
  • Ball Rolling Workshop
  • Muscle Activation Workshop
  • Laugh your Stress away Workshop
  • The Power of Breathe Workshop
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Dynamic Workspace Workshop
  • Professional Coaching
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Employee Wellness in the office!

What a better way to greet the team – a fully clothed chair massage which will relax as well as revitalise.


Wellness Workshops

Pilates Chair Workshop

PILATES CHAIR Workshop Instead of having the postural drain that comes from sitting in your chair all day, join this workshop and learn how to use your

Mindfulness Online or On site

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment and is a simple way of creating positive energy and improved productivity at work. Keep

De Stress at your Desk

Your comfort, mind-set and environment all affect your mood and concentration. This workshop teaches a range of subtle techniques to create a personalised haven in your desk

Laughter Therapy workshop

Laughter Therapy Workshop Laughter not only provides a full-scale workout for your muscles, it unleashes a rush of stress-busting endorphins. What's more, your body can't distinguish between

Ball Rolling Workshop

Ball rolling Workshop A fun body rolling workout where you tone and lengthen muscles, stimulate bones, and release energy blockages. You let go of unproductive patterns in

The Vital Touch Barcelona

A unique massage tailored to your needs

A unique massage tailored to your needs

The Vital Touch team work offer an array of services which will fit into your time frame and budget. 

We have years of experience working with companies from 10 employees to over 500.

 We adapt each Wellness program according to individual company needs & budget.  We can work together to find the right options for wellness and wellbeing for your team.

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