Personal Trainer Barcelona!

What is a personal trainer(PT)?

Daniel Benites Personal Trainer Barcelona

A personal trainer is a specially qualified person who develops an individual training program based around you and your goals. A personal trainer works with you whilst you exercise providing real time support and advice.

Your personal trainer can help you with all aspects of your training from weight loss and toning, to sports improvement requiring specific movements, muscular incrementation, cardiovascular resistance etc.

What are the main reasons to train with a PT?

  • Active support plus motivation and encouragement
  • Each session is varied, integrating different sets of exercises based on your personal program
  • Expert guidance in posture & technique which means your training is safe
  • Above all, training with a PT is fun!

I work in partnership with a personal trainer called Daniel Benites, have a look at his website and learn about who he is and his different trainings:

Here is a link to his TV debut the other day on TVE España where they interviewed him and showed his studio. Check it out!

Daniel Benites


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