Nunu Roney

My name is Nunu Roney , I’m half British – half Swedish, I am passionate about massage and have been a professional massage therapist since the early ninties. My interest in massage developed from working as an actress and dancer for many years. I trained in London in Swedish deep-tissue, Aromatic oil massage, Japanese acupressure massage, Chair massage and Rei-ki, also I have trained in Japanese facelifting massage and facial reflexology while in Barcelona.

In 1996 I co-founded The Vital Touch on-site massage company in London and since 2007 in Barcelona. I have nurtured and grown the team of highly professional therapists whom I am very proud  of. We work together to bring Wellness to many companies & events in Barcelona, Madrid and further a field.

Nunu has built up a very international team of talented therapists who in addition to offering our famous Chair Massage they also specialise in an array of  massage therapies, wellness based workshops & team building activities.

Her team is fully licensed, insured and have years of experience working professionally in this area.

The Vital Touch will integrate seamlessly into your office workplace or event and make it easy for you to introduce wellness activities which will provide benefits for all.