Event and Office Chair Massage

 “Everything was perfect. The employees loved it and wanted more! The excellent massages given by Nunu and Katarina were very profesional, friendly and nice. Everyone was very happy with the massages and with them! Andrea, Mylan”

 “Hola, first I want to Thank you all for your great massages we get every day in our Criteo Office! :)Everyone has a speciality and the individual knowledge brings all together a huge wisdom you offer us additionally to the massages we get. The massage helped me a lot today, I almost don´t feel my shoulder pain anymore – I didn´t think about it after the massage today until I started writing this email 🙂 Andrea Meier, Criteo”

¨ I wanted to say a huge thank you for your work in beautiful Barcelona, we had our show attendees feedback today and the highest rated area was the massage!!¨ Sophie, Production manager

¨As part of our celebrations of the Employee Appreciation Day, we decided to reward our Barcelona team with 30 minutes massages. Paulina from The Vital Touch was very professional, overall the service was 10/10. All the team from Esendex felt really grateful, we totally recommend it! Inma Molina, Marketing Manager, Esendex

Tomorrow will always be better after having been in the chairs of the competent and charming staff of The Vital Touch. Whether in the private clinic in Barcelona or in our offices, Nunu and the team provide relaxation through their warm personalities and professional therapeutic services.   Saul Beltran, Barcelona

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Nunu at the Workday Rising Event in Barcelona. Nunu’s skills as a massage therapist and her outstanding interpersonal skills were greatly appreciated by all of our client’s. I can truly say that thanks to Nunu’s skills our booth was in high demand! I highly recommend Nunu, she is great at what she does. Nunu radiates positive vibes and demonstrates her passion for helping elevate people’s aches and pains through the level of professionalism that she brings to each person that is lucky enough to sit in her chair!’ David Osborne, Mercer

 4 times a year we have Nunu and The Vital Touch team at our centre to offer a 10-minute back, neck and shoulder massage to all our Study Abroad students and it’s always a hit! We do it during their midterms and finals and the feedback could not be better.  The Vital Touch team gets ready in no time and always make sure to consult if anyone has an injury or pain prior to the session. I cannot wait to have the next session (even though I am not a student, I always sneak in to have some relaxing time in between meetings…I prefer a massage than a coffee break!)  Elizabeth Ferreiro, Student activities & field trips specialist, IES Barcelona  

“Nunu is that magical ferry that comes to our office once a month and sprinkles magic on our staff. Besides her true expertise and professional massage, she also inspires and helps us remember to stay proactive when it comes to our health. Our highest recommendations goes out to Nunu and the vital touch team. Thanks for keeping us de stressed!”  Bella Letterbo, Recruiter and office coordinator, Releasy Customer Management, Barcelona

¨It’s thanks to The Vital Touch work that our work experience has improved so much since we started our partnership. Their massages are just out of this world, the team is happy and our overall energy has improved. It’s really easy to work with Nunu and her team! They take care of it all, and we just have to get our massage and be happy at the office.¨ Neus Domingo, office manager, Criteo, Barcelona
¨The Airbnb office wouldn’t be the same without Nunu and her team’s wonderful massages. It is not only the massage itself that makes this a perfect experience, but also their soft voices, energy and soothing personalities” Catalina Vargas, Airbnb, Ground Control Barcelona

“We started to work with The Vital Touch in April 2017. So far, the team in the office seem to be very happy with the work of Nunu and her team. They come to the office every month and they have always been reliable and flexible when needed. Having the onsite massage with the Vital Touch is a very good experience!”  Monica Palenzuela, Exec ass. Dolby Inc, Barcelona

“Last October we had Nunu and Paulina from TVT working at our booth at VM World Europe in Barcelona. They did a great job! They were reliable, helpful, very nice, extra team members. I certainly will ask for their services again when I have the opportunity. Highly recommended!” Jeanette de Wilde, Marketing Manager SUSE, Barcelona

Highdeal’ worked with Nunu during two Mobile World Congresses in Barcelona. It proved a great success. It was a pleasure to work with Nunu and her very professional massages proved extremely popular, leaving everyone feeling energised and de-stressed!“Alison Abbott, Marketing Communications Manager, Highdeal, Barcelona

“Was a real real pleasure working with you and your team at the Ford launch. Highly organised, reliable and very professional. Would love to use you guys again.”  Rachel King, Event Manager, UK 

“I’ve had the great chance to work along with Nunu & the Vital Touch for 5 years now, and she’s our first option for countless artist treatments. Not only has every artist treated been hugely delighted, but her proximity and friendship makes us love her even more. Thanks Nunu for your brilliant work and your relaxed mood!“Ruben Guerrero, Live Nation’s production manager Barcelona  

“We always get great feedback from clients and guests having Nunu and her team at our events. She has done a wonderful job on every single edition of Mobile World Congress. We’ve also used Nunu at parties, incentive programmes, on a catamaran tour from Sitges to Barcelona, in between meeting sessions, and more, all of which have worked incredibly well. Nunu’s chair massage is definitely a very recommended service for any kind of event.”Helena Spimrova, Freelance Event Manager, Barcelona

“We really look forward to Wednesday’s because it means Vital Touch massage. Nunu has a lovely way of taking care of us and soothing our tensions, she’s really changed the mid-week atmosphere in the office. It’s such a refreshing break for all of us!”Ana Laura Solis, Managing Director, Story We Produce, Barcelona

“Nunu visited the Metropolitan team regularly during many years. We loved her excellent massages and the nurturing vibe that would fill the office on those days. Her visits promoted a true sense of wellbeing and positivity in the company and she would leave behind a much happier and more relaxed office.”Esther Jones, Editor, Barcelona Metropolitan, Barcelona

Full Body Therapeutic Massage

Janna NordstromWrapped in hot towels, breathing in the essence of warm oils on my skin, a ‘winter-massage’ at Nunu’s clinic is a real treat. While each limb is carefully re-energised, I’m fading into a cottoncoma.
Janna Nordstrom, Metropolitan Magazine, Barcelona



rebeccaI have discovered that when I use Nunu’s magic formula of deep tissue massage for stress relief on a regular basis, I really notice the results. I feel more peaceful, my body is more relaxed,  life seems easier and more fun.  Nunu, I love you and my body, mind, and spirit thanks you for your amazing massage!
Rebecca Castleton, Life coach and personal branding specialist, Barcelona


Andy Cato

A Nunu massage is the complete experience. The vital touch is only half of it. She’s also a unique personality. So expect a brilliant masseuse, but also a free dose of positivity and calm.
Andy Cato, Groove Armada, Barcelona



Linda OstroI have experienced massage from many excellent masseuses all around the world-Thai, Japanese, Balinese, Indian, Hawaiian, American-and while all were skilled and many had “magic” hands, Nunu is in a class apart. She connects with herself in a deeply spiritual way that translates to a massage that is much more than the touch of gifted hands. I leave Nunu’s feeling as though my relationship to my body and my spirit have been transported into a healthier sphere. This is a gift I recommend you give yourself on a regular basis.
Linda Ostro, retired adventure travel consultant, social activist, Barcelona

Djanira CortesaoNunu makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk into the room. As she talks to you and prepares for your massage, you can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with your body, but in who you are. You find yourself feeling comfortably assured that you will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic experience.
Djanira Cortesão, Barcelona


Claudia EnglmannMy work has taken me to some of the most exclusive spas on this planet, where I received the best massages possible…so I thought until I discovered Nunu’s magic hands. Now I have finally found the best massage in the world, an absolute gem and right on my doorstep in Barcelona!!
Claudia Englmann, Fashion Editor, German Vogue, Barcelona



Serena CookNunu massages all my clients as well as me! She has that vital touch – un-locking my knots and giving me good strong stress relieving massages!
Serena Cook, Founder and CEO , Deliciously Sorted Ibiza , Ibiza



Dan WilliamsI have travelled all around the world been massaged in many different ways and by many sorts of people. Then I met Nunu Roney. For me nothing compares she believes in what she does and that makes the world of difference. It is her life. We are now great friends. All because of her Vital Touch.
Dan Williams (D. R. W.), London



Emma ForbesNunu is wonderful, I booked her sight unseen and from the moment she walked in I knew I had made the best decision!! Her massage, technique and knowledge is fantastic, and literally having a massage is total bliss!!! Soo relaxed afterwards!! heaven and a gorgeous person to know.
Emma Forbes, TV and Radio Presenter, London

Japanese Facelifting Massage

ana“I started going to Nunu’s lifting facials but due to work I haven’t been able to go as often as I would like to. My experience during the facial has been total bliss and relaxation, even though it is quite hard on your face. The result a few hours later is quite amazing, my forehead is wrinkle/stress free and totally drained so there is no puffiness. In a perfect world, I would go once a week!” – Ana Laura Solis, Barcelona


photo“Japanese facelifting massage was a surprise during my first experience, much more firm facial then one usually receives It really gets the circulation going in the face. I noted, that the puffy bags under my eyes were much diminished after each facial. I am still in the “intense” period of one facial a week, so far, am very impressed.” – Carol Hancock, Barcelona




“When I went to have the Japanese facelifting treatment, Nunu told me it would be very different from a regular facial, and boy, was she right! I have never experienced a facial quite like it. My skin looked and felt so fantastic afterwards and I left feeling energised and revitalised throughout my whole body, not just my face. Nunu is on to something here and if she keeps making me look and feel younger, I’ll become her most regular client!” –  Jody Levitus. Barcelona


Uby“Thank you Nunu for a delicious face massage. After the different massage technique, essential oils and Nunu’s fantastic energy I felt the warmth of all the energy on my face which left it glowing and younger looking. I will definitely get a package of these delicious treatments as I felt the immediate benefit of just one session and can imagine that after a series of treatments the effects will be greater and longer lasting.” – Uby Muñoz, Barcelona


“Nunu really has magical fingers! A few minutes into each session I start to feel very relaxed, and I can feel the blood flowing all round my body. And I always leave with a wonderful glow of health and vitality. Lots of friends have told me how well I’m looking since I started the massages – I’m definitely going to keep having them regularly.” –  Suky Taylor, Barcelona