Online – Onsite Wellness

by The Vital Touch

The Vital Touch team including Massage therapists, Health & Fitness experts & Coaches have transitioned to the Digital World offering an extensive list of Wellness programs available onsite, online & in multiple languages. Specifically designed for each company given their objectives & budget.

Our programs are based on Self care through Movement, Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing to cater for the challenges faced by many companies to motivate and empower employees in cultivating daily lifestyle habits which improve health both Physical and Mental.

Our Online sessions start from 30mins to full day sessions:

Topics include

Active exercise breaks- Leadership Coaching Supporting Employee Mental Health- Post Covid Coaching-Stress management- Posture Correction- Desk Yoga or Pilates- Wellness through Nutrition-Boost your Immune system by what you eat- Mindfulness- De Stress at your Desk- Self Massage Series- Shiatsu massage techniques- BallRolling Self Massage- Yoga or Pilates for beginners or Advanced

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Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a series of movements  to stimulate


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention on