Wellness programmes by The Vital Touch

We design in-office wellness days that incentivise your staff or pamper your clients, to raise awareness and revitalise the office, so that everyone feels the benefits.

In today’s business world of high stress and efficiency, a focus on the health and wellbeing of staff is proved to be invaluable for the work environment and improve production from your team.

Next steps:

  1. Set a date
  2. Find the space
  3. Choose your preferred activities from our list of workshops, hands-on therapies and exercise classes
  4. We will tailor a programme of events to suit your requirements.

We will create the perfect atmosphere to show just how beneficial and important wellbeing is. Make an enquiry today enquiries@thevitaltouch.es

Description of our programmes

We offer a choice of programmes ranging from half a day, full day, multiple days up to a week.

A popular example of our Wellness Day can consist of two exercise classes in the morning and late afternoon, repeating the same class or offering two different ones, with one workshop that can be repeated during the day, plus a full-day schedule of the hands-on treatment of your choice.

We will design your programme of activities according to the space, number of participants and budget.

Sample programme

Wellness Morning or Afternoon (4h)

We would recommend one of the hands-on treatments, one workshop or exercise class

Wellness day

We would recommend at least one of the hands on treatments, one workshop (which can be repeated) and two exercise classes of the same or different ones (which can be repeated)

Wellness Week

We would recommend starting the week with an energising exercise class, followed by hands on treatments to focus and energise your mind, workshops to inspire and educate and finishing off the week with some relaxing hands on treatments and relaxing exercise.

To complement our range of activities on offer we can advise you according to your needs, whether you would like to use your wellbeing package to promote positive energy and mental focus, stress relief and rejuvenation, or awareness of how to pamper the body to stimulate the mind.

Hands-on treatments

We offer a selection of hands-on therapies that focus on pampering but leave you refreshed and focused. The treatments can be booked for 15, 20 or 30-mintute sessions.

Our famous chair massage

One of our most popular corporate treatments, this upper body massage on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands is given fully-clothed in our ergonomic chair – the perfect pick-me-up for a hard-working body on a busy day. Sessions can range from 15, 20 or 30-minutes.

Chair reiki

All you have to do is relax in your own chair, and let our 21-minute reiki massage alleviate all your stress, leaving you rejuvenated and energised.

Foot reflexology

Target specific problem areas to achieve whole-body balance with manipulation of the pressure points on the feet, in a pleasurable 15, 20 or 30-minute massage.

Shiatsu massage

A relaxing 15, 20 or 30-minute pressure massage to relieve desk-induced tension through techniques that realign the body and its energy flow.

Thai massage

We use ancient stretching, pulling and rocking techniques combined with pressure to rejuvenate and refresh muscles and joints. 15, 20 or a 30-minutes is enough to awaken the whole body from within.

Back and/or leg massage with oils

The classic way to ease tension and relax with a soothing 15, 20 or 30-minute back and leg massage to improve comfort and general wellbeing during your working day.

Hand massage and mini manicure

For hands that spend all day over a keyboard, a gentle massage and manicure in just 25 minutes will keep them looking and feeling healthy and flexible.


Our workshops cover different approaches to achieving balance and wellbeing for body and soul. They can be combined with treatments and exercise to take a specific focus or create a general overview. Workshops last for one hour and are usually for a maximum of 12 people, although this can be flexible.

Mindfulness workshop for beginners

Mindfulness is the practice of focussing your attention on the present moment, and is a simple way of creating positive energy and improved productivity at work. The benefits to general wellbeing and company environment are immeasurable.

Tricks for an alert mind with posture and environment

Your comfort, mind-set and environment all affect your mood and concentration. This workshop teaches a range of subtle techniques such as posture, stretches, breathing and aromatherapy to create a personalised haven in your desk space where you can be at your most effective and focussed.

Eat your way to wellness

Discover how meals can do more than fill you up, with advice on preparing your own packed lunch and getting the best nutritional energy at different times of the day.

Learn how to feed your brain and eat healthily on-the-go.

Self activation for muscle strength and flexibility

Release your inner strength with a series of expert techniques that you can apply yourself to become instantly more strong and supple. Notice an instant postural ease. Self repetition of the sequence will lead to incredible long term benefits.

Exercise Classes

A more dynamic way of improving wellness, our physical classes are designed to be enjoyable and bring the immediate benefits of exercise to people of all levels of fitness. Classes last one hour, including a warm-up and cool-down.

Corporate Yoga

Learn simple yoga postures and techniques that will benefit your balance and wellbeing at work, with a focus on mental alertness and physical comfort. These sessions can be designed for larger or smaller groups, depending on the space available.

Stress-bust boxing

This dynamic class combines the satisfaction of a good punch with technique and aerobic exercise to throw off any stress and leave you motivated and ready to go. For personalised tutoring this class is for a maximum of 12 people.

All-ability nordic walking

Nordic walking is a low-impact weight-bearing exercise for the whole body, using special poles to propel you forward. By turning your walk into a workout you will improve upper and lower body strength and stability and boost your mood, leaving you feeling energised and sitting tall at your desk. The clas last for one hour and are usually for a maximum of 12 people.

Chair Barre Pilates

A cardiovascular adaptation of Pilates with focussed exercises that strengthen the core and give fast results, using your chair as a barre to tone muscles and improve posture. The class is performed to music and boosts your energy, your strength and your mood. For individualised attention these classes are for a maximum of 12.