Dear Friends, I have just finished a very successfull week of on-site chair massages for 2 multi-national companies – I am so excited that I got these two jobs! It has strengthened my beilief in how brilliant the chair massage works for events and congresses. Paulina for Fujitsu

So our first job was with Fujitsu. A very deep rooted traditional Japanese company – at this event their California Lab were experimenting with a device which connected to a mobile and which was showing in real-time your stress levels. Wow! The experiment was to see how much your stress levels lowered in a 4-min back massage.In real-time.  It was fantastic to watch how much people relaxed in 4-min! Substantionally. I wish I had one of these devices in my clinic to show people how much they relax in a fullbody massage – Imagine!! The idea one day is that we can download one of these apps to our phones  and people are able to have a Personalized Stress Management Service. What do you think about that?  I like the idea and I guess I have to accept that this is where the world is going but I can’t help but think of how far remote we are these days from connecting with our bodies and that we need a device to tell us how stressed we are, isn’t that crazy!? We live so far removed from nature that we are loosing more and more touch and connection with our mind/body. This saddens me abit but at the same time if this is the direction we are moving towards then I’d rather people have an app that tells them their stress levels are high and that they can stop for a moment, breathe deeply and become aware/consious of what is going on in them. So maybe it will help people to connect with their bodies! What about that thought?!I loved working with Alex and Fred from Fujitsu Lab California and we all learnt alot from these event. Thank you. From one extreme to the other – on the Thursday we had a chair massage job with American software company INTEL. All the bosses were women, everyone dressed nicely but relaxed. The energy wasn’t so serious. We massaged for their VIP back room where they had a party with Dj’s from Razzmatazz club in Barcelona, lots of food, beers, robots dancing, 3D digital photo badges on offer and our 10-min back massages. It was a fun, lively, wild, young energy and all the Intel staff were dancing around the stand – I felt like I was massaging at a disco! It was fun! In general what struck me was how many people from all around the world come to this event, I loved finding out where people were from and taking care of their stress levels for just a moment! And I’m super grateful for my teamhelpers Paulina and Valle who did a fantastic job with me. I love my team! Thank you people of the world for this experience!   Stay connected with your bodies! Nunu