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The aim of deep tissue massage is to restore structural alignment and balance within the body by releasing chronic tensions, formed by deep muscular tension, which inhibit postural ease and movement. Deep tissue massage strokes manipulate the fascia by the action of friction and stretching, releasing blocks that stop the flow of energy and life force throughout the whole body. It works mainly on the body’s connective tissue,or fascia, which wraps, binds, supports and seperates all the internal structures including the skeletal muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and organs. When the body is free from trauma(injury)and tension the fascia is generally elastic, but if the system is sluggish or inactive, or muscular armour has formed in the body then the fascia can become rigid and immobile. Since fascia is all connected around our body an area of tension can have an affect on the whole system. When the whole body is treated systematically in a series of sessions it is able to regain it’s vitality, structural alignment and ease of movement. My deep tissue massage tecnique also includes stretches and helps to boost the circulatory system and increase the exchange of tissue fluids and works directly with the anatomy and physiology of the body to restore vitality and a state of relaxation.

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