“Get the Glow” – package

– 12 sessions over two months. You start with 2 sessions a week for three weeks then continue with one session a week for six weeks.

Case 1, age 41:

”I have now received eight sessions out of my twelve-session Get The Glow package. Before starting, my skin was feeling dull, rough and weather-beaten despite the mild winter. I’m pleased to say that all that has changed over the course of the treatments. I now have rosy cheeks and a brighter complexion as though I’ve been on holiday.

The massage is much firmer than I imagined and some areas can be a bit tender at first, though the sore bits went away after a couple of weeks, so I suspect it was long-held tension along the jawline that has now been released. I find the whole treatment very relaxing and fall asleep every time!

I would recommend Nunu’s Japanese facelifting massage at any age as we can all benefit from her healing hands and a bit of pampering.”

2-1-afterAfter 1st session. 2-12-afterAfter 12 sessions.

All 12 sessions before and after Japanese Facelifting Massage:

1st session, before …and after 2-2-before2nd session, before After
2-3-beforeBefore After 2-4-beforeBefore 2-4-afterAfter
2-5-beforeBefore After 2-6-beforeBefore After 6 sessions
2-7-beforeBefore 2-7-afterAfter 2-8-beforeBefore 2-8-afterAfter
2-9-beforeBefore 2-9-afterAfter 2-10-beforeBefore 2-10-afterAfter
2-11-beforeBefore 2-11-afterAfter 2-12-beforeBefore 2-12-afterAfter 12 sessions