The eyes are delicate structures, capable of focusing with pin-point accuracy on any object in our visual field. Amazing. However, the muscles that move the eyeball to allow this are very rarely used to their full potential. Instead, most of us tend to lock our eye muscles, staring directly ahead for hours on end.

This tendency to stare for long periods is made worse by working with computers, mobile phones or watching TV. These devices can be very hypnotic and discourage you from using your eyes fully and can easily result in eyestrain, general fatigue and severe headaches.

Massaging the eye region regularly, particularly while you work, can ensure that your eyes don´t lose their movement capacity, and remain relaxed and in optimum condition. Here are 4 simple exercises to help your eyes.

Eye Exercise 1: Use the thumbs to press directly on the bone ridge at the rim of the eye socket. This point is good for releasing tension. Hold for 20 seconds.  Photo below.

Eye Exercise 2: Place your thumb about 10cm in front of you, then look at the tip of your nose, then at your thumb and then at something further away and then back to the thumb and nose again. Repeat 3 times. Photo below.

Eye Exercise 3: Close your eyes and slowly place the pads of your fingers on the eyelids. Then with the gentlest of pressure, massage the eyeball using small circles. Photo below.

Eye Exercise 4: After these exercises, shut your eyes and cover them with the palms of your hands, allowing time to enjoy the darkness and warmth for a few moment. This helps release tiredness in the eyes and gives them a chance to rest. Slowly take your hands away, open your eyes and enjoy the difference. Photo below.