Massage Therapist Nunu – Who Is She?



Dear Friends, it’s Nunu, I realised the other day that I’ve never told you who I am and why I became a massage therapist. So here comes a short summary of my life so far…..I was born in Bombay, India in 1969. My parents were bohemians travelling in India with a school project for children and I popped out. They invented my name which is Nunu.

My mother is Swedish and my father is English. I grew up in Sweden and at age 8 I started my own theatre group with my brother, sister and other friends and we toured Scandinavia every summer with our own theatre show of skits, dance and music for 8 concecative summers. I went to acting college and it was through my acting career where I built a base for my passion of rhythm, expression, creativity and emotions which I use to this day in my massage. When I was 18 I was a presenter for a youth programm on Swedish Television for a year and after that I felt the urge to leave Sweden since I’d always been a traveller all through my child hood, travelling Africa and Asia with my parents.
I moved to New York where I continued to study acting and worked with underground theatre. I loved N.Y. To survive at the time I was also working as a ‘shampooer’ in a hair salon in East Village and that was when people started to say to me ‘ohhhh you massage the scalp so brilliantly, you should be a massage therapist’.
Eventually I moved to London and after a few more years of running a pub theater and doing some TV presenting I decided that the insecure life of an actor wasn’t for me anymore, I wanted to work with something that was more secure and regular. That’s when I decided to do that  ‘massage course’  that I’d always thought of doing. I started a 1-year training course in anatomy, physiology and Therapeutic Fullbody Massage, and continued after that learning other massage techniques of Japanese Acupressure Massage and Rei-ki.
I loved it so much and I have now worked as a massage therapist for 16 years, and have had practices in London, Madrid, Ibiza and now in Barcelona. My 20 years of acting career has always helped me in my massage work, it’s taught me how to work with people and their emotions, to be there for them, how to ‘dance’ around someone’s body, the ritual, to connect and to help people connect with their inner self and body. I love my massage work and I feel very lucky to have worked with such alot of incredible, interesting people.Thank you.
Sunshine Love, Nunu


Nunu is an English speaking massage therapist but also half Swedish. She is passionate about massage and has been a professional massage therapist since 1996. Her interest in massage developed from working as an actress and dancer for many years.