Hi there, here are some simple tips to follow of how to sit well at your desk which will help your posture,  your circulation, your nervous system, your stress levels and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain.

Sitting on your desk chair make sure you adjust the back rest of the chair to support your lumbar region, so that lower back feels supported.

Your feet should be flat on the floor, grounded, if they do not reach the floor put something you can have your feet on could be some big books or a foot rest. Legs and thighs should be horizontal. If the legs are too high up you are blocking the stomach and that could affect the digestive system.

The monitor screen should be one arm length away but the keyboard close to you so arms at a vertical 90degrees with the desk table at elbow height. Keep arms close to you and the mouse close to you. Changing mouse hand stimulates the brain and is good for you.

Eye level – you should look diagonaly down on top of the screen. Make sure you dont have a glare on the screen so that you do not squint and pull your chin towards the screen to be able to see as that can effect your neck and shoulders. If there is a glare or if you cant see the screen well then get a desk lamp. Your head should be dangeling on top of your spine, not with the chin sticking out. If you are working with two screens put them close to one another, if not possible, move your whole body towards each screen.

Don´t forget to keep your shoulders relaxed so that they are not raised towards the ears.

If you want a more active work station then get a saddle chair or a standing desk, it can help with:

improving posture, breathing, strengthens back, helps neck issues, more energy, reduce injury, reduces health costs and boosts physical and mental wellbeing

Don´t forget to drink water regularly and take 2x micro breaks of 60sec each hour!

We at The Vital Touch offer a workshop on desk configuration called De-Stress at your Desk. This workshop also includes tips on eye exercises, stress releiving breathing techniques, how to make aroma sprays to help you relax and energise, so the perfect simple quick De-stress tips for your working day!

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