Breathing is something we do all day and you most probably don’t pay much attention to your breath, after all, it becomes completely automatic.

But, becoming more aware of your breath, and doing a few deep breathing exercises can bring you so many benefits :

– it supplies your body with the right amount of oxygen and replenishes your brain (and other vital organs) with essential nutrients

– it helps you to focus more on your body, quiets your mind and provides immediate stress relief

– it lowers your heart rate and blood pressure

Deep breathing is so powerful that The American Institute of Stresseven named it the ‘best stress reduction technique’ of all 🙂


  1.  Sit on your chair with long spine and open chest
  2. Place two hands on your belly and take deeper breaths into your hands.
    Breathe in through your nose and feel the belly expanding.
    Breath out through your mouth, releasing any tension from your body.
    Repeat 5-7 times.
  3. Now place two hands on your upper chest, touching the collar bones with your fingertips. Shoulders relaxed.
    Breathe in to your hands and feel how the chest is expanding.
    Breathe out through your month and feel the tension melting away from your chest.
    Repeat 5-7 times.
  4. Now combine chest and belly : place one hand on your chest and the other hand on your belly. Breathe few times in the same way.

How do you feel now?
How is your body and mind?

Try to do this exercise once a day!
To help you relax for a few minutes before you make that sales call, or calming yourself down before you give an important presentation, it could be key to peak performance and feeling a relaxed state of mind.