Nutrition Wellness

Diet and nutrition are directly linked to employee health and wellbeing. We’ll help your employees to understand the benefits of healthy eating and empower them to make the right food decisions to meet their individual needs.

Topics include:

  • Mindful Eating and Emotional Hunger
  • Stop the Sugar Coating: The Truth about Sugar
  • Avoid the 4pm Slump
  • Nutrition for Optimal Wellbeing
  • Gut Health Masterclass
  • Mood & Food: The Link Explained
  • Thriving on a Flexitarian Diet
  • Supporting Immune Health Through the Pandemic
  • Stress Management & Creating a Resilient Mind & Body
  • Meal Planning: Saving Time & Money
  • 10 ways to Kick the Sugar Habit *Very popular in January and Spring

Workshops available online 30/45/60 mins