Pro-Performance Package - the perfect answer for performance professionals!

Pro-Performance Package – the perfect answer for performance professionals!

Hey you all – goodmorning! If you are a performance professional/dancer/sportsman – I have something for you! Zoe Queally, an excellent physio and myself have designed a specialised package for busy proffessionals. To put it simply,the idea is that you see Zoe for a physio session where she re-aligns, checks your structure and stimulates your mucles and then you see me afterwards for a deep-tissue massage where I relax and energise your mucles/tendons/joints/ligaments and mind! It’s a great combination and we have seen it work very well just this last week with working with performers STOMP for two weeks. We have also worked with several other groups/performers and they have all found it very successfull and unique.

It is so much fun and great experience massaging performers from around the world – here is a link to our page with more info: Pro-Performance Package info…

Have a fab day!

Much Love Nunu


Nunu is an English speaking massage therapist but also half Swedish. She is passionate about massage and has been a professional massage therapist since 1996. Her interest in massage developed from working as an actress and dancer for many years.