New Offer - Japanese Facelifting Method

New Offer – Japanese Facelifting Method

Dear Peeps!

NEW TREATMENT OFFER: Japanese Facelifting Method – I am very excited to share that I am now trained in this method and from now on until I leave for my Ibiza massage summer middle of July I will be offering this treatment at a very special price of 35euros!! (it would normally cost 60euros) I’m doing a 3-month trial period.

What is Japanese Facelifting Method? It is done on your face and combines Chinese Medicine, South American zone therapy & Japanese Facelifting to improve facial skin problems, tone your muscle in the face, help wrinkles to disappear, balances your inner body and all your systems, improves posture and makes your face glow! Up for a pampering session?

The treatment takes 1-hour and I include a ‘lifting’ mask at the end made out of rosehip ashes that i will treat you too. Email me for appointments at:

Happy Spring! Love Nunu


Nunu is an English speaking massage therapist but also half Swedish. She is passionate about massage and has been a professional massage therapist since 1996. Her interest in massage developed from working as an actress and dancer for many years.