What is a chair massage?

Based on Japanese acupressure techniques, a Vital Touch chair massage concentrates on 100 stress-release points on the back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and hands. It includes gently stretches and finishes with an energising sequence.

How does it work?

Our therapists will travel to your workplace with a massage chair and everything else required. A typical massage lasts 20 minutes, a feeling of relaxation and revitalisation is usually felt after the session.

How long is the massage?

The massage is 20 minutes, people are scheduled in 30 minute slots to give time for consultation, any extra advice and for the turn around to the next client

What can I expect in a 20minute chair massage?

The chair massage will leave you relaxed and energised – if you have it regularly ie once a week or every two weeks it acts as health maintenance and a preventative, if you have it less regularly it will offer you shorter term health benefits 

What parts of the body do you massage?

Back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms & hands

Do I need to wear special clothing?


Can I eat before or after the massage?

Yes, it is no problem to eat before or after the massage, preferably lighter if it is before the massage

Do you use oils?

No, we will use essential oils in the room provided but not on the patient. 

How should I feel after the massage?

Reenergised, relaxed, perhaps thirsty

If I get a headache within 24 hours of the massage, what does it mean?

That you are detoxifying and releasing toxins and muscle tension, it is a ´positive´ side effect and you just need to drink a lot of water

If I get pain in my body within 24 hours of the massage, what does it mean?

That you are detoxifying and releasing toxins and muscle tension, it is a ´positive´ side effect and you just need to drink a lot of water

How can the massage help productivity?

Improves concentration, reenergises

What are the benefits of the massage for me?

De-stressing, relaxing,  tension releasing ,relieves minor aches, revitalising, detoxing, immunity boosting, circulation improving, posture improving, preventative, health maintenance, helps alleviate RSI

What if I want more or less pressure?

You may discuss your preferences with your therapist on the day.

Can I have a therapist work on just one area?

Since every part of your body is connected we recommend the full chair massage which concentrates on the whole upper body but if you have a specific pain please mention to your therapist before starting the session and they will spend more or only time on that area

Will I be tired afterwards?

In the beginning, first 3/4 sessions you might feel a bit more relaxed than energised but once you are in the rhythm of having the chair massages it should energise you more and more

Will I be too relaxed to concentrate on my work afterwards?

No, if you feel a bit too relaxed drink a lot of water, take some deep breaths and take a few minutes after the massage to recuperate

Are there any contradictions of chair massage?

No. We go through a client consultation form and depending on the answers to that we can change the massage to meet your needs should you have any specific or any serious health issues.  

How often can you come to the office?

As often as you would like, we typically recommend one chair massage per week.

Why do we recommend weekly chair massage?

Having chair massage other week for it to act as a preventative health maintenance and to move you forward in your health 

What are the benefits of the massage for my company?

Increase productivity and efficiency, reduce stress-related illness and absenteeism,  promote health and stress management among employees, increase vitality, raise spirits and improve performance, show staff you care!

How many employees can have a massage in one day?

A typical day would consist of 14 massages completed by 1 therapist.

What do you need to do the massage onsite?

A small quiet office space is required for the massage therapist to set up the chair and equipment and have enough room to move around the chair easily. In an open office we can work behind dividers

Can you do chair massage in open space office?

Yes, we can use room dividers

How much does It cost?

Costs vary on how many employees you have and with what frequency you would like to offer a massage, speak to Nunu for more information

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations received  1 week before a scheduled booking are eligible for rescheduling free of charge. Cancellations received less than a week in advance will be charged at 50%

How does the payment procedures work?

We invoice the company monthly and payment is expected with in 30 days. Discounts of 15% are available for companies who pay upfront for a 12 month period

How do I schedule the day?

We can send you a schedule of 14 massage slots, scheduled in 30-minute slots. Or you can also make your own schedule online for the company. Typically a day could be from 9.30am-17.30 with one hour lunch break in the middle at 13.00-14.00, or a schedule that suits your company hours and times. We arrive 20-minutes before to set up. 

Do you do massage at events?

Yes – please speak to Nunu or send requests to enquiries@thevitaltouch.es

How many massage therapists will I need for my event?

The ideal number of therapists needed for your event will be determined by various factors including expected traffic, available space and your budget. Contact us and we’ll help determine the best strategy.

How long are the massages for events?

Anytime you want, could be 5,10,15,20,25,30 minute massages but typically at events most people choose 10 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. If you’d like the massage therapist to focus on one specific area, just ask.

What is the wellness package?

The wellness program intends to improve and promote health and fitness in the work place, it comprises of varying services over several days in order to facilitate all employees.

What is the wellness day?

The wellness day program intends to improve and promote health and fitness in the work place whereby all activities are scheduled for the one day