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Do you want to feel relaxed & energised at work? What is The Vital Touch On-Site Chair Massage?

Chair massage is the perfect pick-me-up for busy people. The Vital Touch provides professional, on-site chair massage services to offices and events throughout London and Barcelona. Our on-site set-up makes it easy to offer massage therapy in the office, we bring all the supplies, while all you have to do is just show up and relax.

It is a 20-minute seated, fully-clothed massage which has long been recognised as an enjoyable and convenient way to counteract stress. Increasingly, it’s also being recognised as an important business tool, helping busy professionals maintain their health and performance.

Based on Japanese acupressure techniques, a Vital Touch massage concentrates on 100 stress-release points on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands. It includes gentle stretches and finishes with an energising sequence.

It has an immediate effect, relieving aches and pains, reducing stress and tension, helping concentration, boosting the immune system, improving posture, increasing vitality and generally promoting a feeling of well being.

We come and take care of you!

Call me for a quote for an event/christmas treat for the office/christmas party or for regular visits to your office – Call Nunu on: 659 995 657 or email:

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