Dear Event People!

Have you ever tried to have the on-site chair massage for one of your events?

You could use it to energise your staff at one of your events, you could use it as a gift for your clients, you could use it as a pulling point to bring people to your stand.

Intel MWC Valle Feb 2014 no 1The chair massage is a fully-clothed, oil-free, Japanese, upperbody (back,neck, shoulders, arms & hands) massage received in an ergonomic chair that we bring along. The sessions can vary from 10-20minutes per person. You can decide duration.

The benefits are relaxing, de-stressing and re-energising. It, helps the nervous system, the muscle tension and it improves the circulation. It works on meridian lines and has an immediate effect to detoxify your body. It normally leaves the client feeling relaxed and re-energised.

We have worked with this chair massage at the Mobile World Congress over the last 7 years with different companies. This year we worked with Nokia and Intel.
It is also a perfect massage for your office, a party, conferences, boat cruises, music venues, festivals, Award Cermonies, Film sets, and fashion shows.

Nokia staff MWC 2014

Nokia staff MWC 2014

It was great to take care of the fabulous Nokia staff at this years Mobile World Congress and to finish it off massaging at Intel’s VIP end of mobile congress party!
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