Happy 2014! How are you all doing? I am excited about this year – it feels good. The other day I sat down and reflected on 2013 and I noticed that my event/performers massage must have doubbled for me last year! Amazing! I’m so happy about that – I’m not sure how companies and people find me? When I ask they say that they’ve found me on the internet – unless I was recommended. Great ha!  I haven’t even done anything to focus on this but it has happened organically – i love when that happens, don’t you? Event MassageSo what is an Event massage? It’s the fully clothed chair massage for the back, neck and shoulders. Last year we worked with the biggest event in the world –Mobile World Congress (working with companies like Fujitsu & Intel), or with Supercell on 3 catmaran boats from Sitges to Barcelona! My 2 practitioners both felt nausious!! But we had fun! Or for example the staff at Moet Hennessey for their Christmas present the company gave them a treat of 10minute chair massage each. We also massaged at a huge FORD VIP car launch where I had 5 massage practitioners doing chair massages. These are just some examples of the chair massage for events & conferences & offices. Hope that makes sense. My Performance massage has also proven to be very successfull this last year, what is that then? Well it’s normally a deep tissue or sports massage or relaxing fullbody massage on my massage table which I’ll bring to a concert venue like for example Palau Sant Jordi or to a hotel and massage performers, dancers and artists.  The biggest performance job of last year was with Cirkus Soleil and their acrobats, trapeze artists, jugglers etc – mainly from China and Russia.  Such a great job with inteligent, generous, proud beautiful performers. They were all really inspirering and had interesting lives growing up in cirkuses around the world. I found it fascianting how they manage a life on the road. Being nomads. I nearly wanted to run away with them! It didn’t look glamurous but it seemed so free and inspirering and creative!I love them! So my dear folks, I’m vibing to receive even more event and performance massages for 2014 so me and my team can go out there and spread our vital touch! phpOSdWozAM If you are interested in finding out more about the event or performance massage then contact me on email or call 659 995 657 or check out my website or page about it: The Vital Touch

Much love and stay creative! Nunu