Hi People! The sun is shining! Spring is here. I’ve had some great massage adventures lately, firstly massaging Justin Bieber’s dancer’s at Palau Sant Jordi and I love working with dancer’s, their consiousness of their bodies and often they are alot of fun.

It was Barcelona Marathon last weekend and I massaged a few marathon runners,two sisters from Estonia in their 20’s who were running their first marathon and who made the 42km but who couldn’t get on and off my massage table the day after the marathon – What pain they must have had in their legs. I was glad to be able to help them release and soften the mucle ache and tension. One of them was working in South Sudan for the UN peace committe to help this African country – what a challenge! And living in one of the harderst places on the planet, no food, no water, the heat etc. It was fascinating to hear and learn about her life there. Thank you Kat!

I also massaged Nigel, a lovely Aussie man from Perth, who was 57 years old and ran his 10th(!) marathon! What an achievement! And he ran it in 3.38min – which is a fantastic time! An inspiration. He had massage with me 2 days before the marathon and 2 days after – he was in perfect shape! Thank you Nigel!

Here is to remind you why a good sports massage before and after a marathon is a good idea:

After an exercise session, massage speeds up the elimination of waste products(in particular lactid-acid) by stimulating the lymphatic system. The accumulation of these waste products during exercise is the cause of much of the stiffness and pain experienced afterwards.

A routine of pre-exercise massage and limbering will help to prevent strains.  Most sports also put increased strain on the legs, buttocks and back. Previous injuries can make the back prone to recurrent pain. With regular and thorough back massage (particularly before exercise), the likelihood of injury is reduced.