Català: Cala Salada, al nord de Sant Antoni de...
Català: Cala Salada, al nord de Sant Antoni de Portmany, a Eivissa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine having somebody help you maintain your exercise and fitness goals on holiday and then receiving a wonderful massage afterwards to relax and revive your tired muscles!

What could be better than training together with your partner/friend and then both having relaxing massages!

Imagine that your kids are having fun with exercise training or activities whilst you are having your massage, so that you can totally relax!

What could be better than knowing that your partner is having a massage whilst you are doing your training….everyone is happy!

Nunu/The Vital Touch Massage has joined up with Daniel Benites Personal Trainer this summer and they would like to take care of you and make you feel fab in Ibiza! For more information or questions please feel free to go to this link: