Interview with Barcelona Marathon runner Chris Platis

1.  Why did you run Barcelona marathon on 7th March?

Chris: I was invited by a friend and always wanted to run another marathon since 1983.

2)What preparations did you do and how long before?

Chris: I started training in early August last year, using a training schedule from a friend in the USA.  I started out at about 15 to 20 miles per week and eventually worked up to 30 to 45 miles per week. This also included pushups and situps three times per week.

3)How did it feel during the run and straight afterwards?

Chris: The first half of the run was great, the last 10K was difficult (I refer to it as ugly). I was very sore in my thigh and calf muscles the last few miles and right after finishing.

4)What made you decide to have The Vital Touch massage afterwards and could you describe how the massage felt?

Chris: My wife encouraged me to consider getting a massage after the marathon.Understanding the benefits of a massage after working out, especially after extreme events, a massage is a smart choice for recovery. I felt confident in Nunu’s ability to treat me effectively,so much so that I treated my out of town guest to the same massage.

5)Did you feel benefits from the massage and did it help you with the soreness and tiredness the next day?

Chris: Yes, the benifits were definately an improvement to my overall recovery. Before we entered TVT clinic I could hardly walk up the stairs. When I finished I could actually move about with ease and had much more comfort. My recovery however was slow. It actually took seven days after the marathon to feel better. What I mean is that I did not feel well enough to run again until about a week of rest. I expected this and imagined that it would probably been longer without the massage from Nunu at TVT.

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