Imagine your team- working side by side- spontaneously laughing together. Laughter-based team buildings methodology is supported by the fact that teams that play together- stay together; it uses kinesthetic, auditory and visual inter-connected group activities to foster professional development and wellbeing. Neurobiological researchers show that laughter increases your levels of serotonin; relaxation; and satisfaction. You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. – Plato

Facilitator: Jessica 

Jessica is an enthusiastic, fun & engaging Cultural Linguist who has taught or lived in nine countries outside of Canada for over nine years. She’s a certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader, and soon to be, Gestalt Therapist whose workshops train you on neuro-linguistic communication strategies. Her passion is empowering good people to have great relationships. She volunteers as a clown at hospitals and loves helping people find their funny side.