Discuss the importance of stabilizing blood sugar throughout the day as a way to prevent crashes in energy.

  • Not all carbs are created equal. Explain which foods are considered complex/simple carbs and how they affect your blood sugar differently.
  • Explain the role of insulin in the body and how eating too much “sugar” can lead to metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes, which can then lead to other health complications.
  • Give ideas on well-rounded meals and snacks as a way to control blood sugar.
  • Eating this way will give you mental clarity, lift your mood and make you feel lighter and more energetic. 🙂



Mariah is a Health and Nutrition Coach and plant-based cook who’s been working in the industry for almost 15 years. She has studied at the ISMET School of Traditional Medicine in Barcelona as well as the prestigious Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute based in the United States, focusing on gourmet raw cuisine. She is currently enrolled in a Nutritional Therapy course at the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. She takes a holistic approach when it comes to health, working closely with her clients to make sure they reach all of their goals.