Discover how meals can do more than fill you up, quality versus quantity.  Receive advice on what to snack on (and if to snack at all!) for optimal performance during the day.  Learn what your brain needs for maximum sharpness when needed but the calm attentiveness we thrive for most of the time.  Find out about the mood boosting nutrients we can find in our fridge to promote fulfilling teamwork.  Feel inspired with new ideas for filling your own packed lunch box and how to combine with light dinners to enhance a restful night’s sleep, without the stress of spending hours in the kitchen.  

Carolina is a Food Scientist and has a Master’s Degree in Diet and Nutrition.  Food is her life, to the point that she believes that there is not a single health ailment that cannot be either helped or cured through good nutrition.  She has been giving talks, teaching courses and attending to personal needs in her private consultancy for over 10 years now, all so that she can have an inspirational and positive impact on the eating habits of those who cross her path.  She is excited to take place in the Vital Touch team and add her knowledge to this project aimed to holistically improve the health of the working population.