Dear folks,

Hope you are all doing well at this hectic time coming up to X-mas, I just spoke to my dear friend Linda in San Fransisco, I always find speaking to her makes me feel inspirered, she’s got a calm voice and I always feel I learn things from her. She’s wise, positive and beautiful. You should always try and surround yourself with people that are good for you, people like Linda. There is a balanced exchange.

I started of this morning with going to my inspirering contemporary dance class, felt so good to start the day moving my body, it felt like I lubricated all my joints and my body felt warm and ready for the day. The rest of the day has been an admin/catching up with stuff before X-mas kind of day, feels good to tick of tasks on my list and hopefully start 2012 with lots of fresh ideas/tasks/challenges. Are you clearing your head/your lists?

I have also been cooking a pot of vegetables and beans/a winter health pot – tasted yummy, lots of ginger, chilli and garlic, all good for detoxification and immune system.  Am now drinking ayurvedic herbal tea whilst writing to you, will soon go to bed and read a book, love these cosy winter evenings, in hybernation, listening to tango, jazz, flamenco or indian music, I’m in a meditative lull, happy.

Burning in my oil burner is:

chamomile(roman)- calming

rosemary – decongestant

frankincense – antidepressive

My tip of this week is working your hand!

When you feel anxious, press the solar plexus reflex in the centre of your hand. It encourages good deep breathing and also helps to calm feelings of panic and nervousness.

The solar plexus reflex is right in the centre of the hand, so it is easy to find. Working on a hand point is also much easier to do wherever you are, than working on your foot. To work the solar plexus point, press firmly(but not painfully) and then rotate your thumb in an anticlockwise direction. As you press breathe deeply and relax your shoulders. It’s an excellent point to work before an interview, exam, big meeting or journey – or when you are doing anything that makes you feel nervous.

Now I’m going off to read my book and enter into dream land – good night!

Love Nunu