The Master Cleanse

Image by Casey Serin via Flickr

Barcelona detox – enjoy the summer with a fresh, cleansed and rejuvenated feeling!

After this long, wet, cold and sluggish winter/spring why not do a gentle clean out of your body during May. A simple detox, nothing extreme or complicated. A detox will make you feel cleansed, lighter, refreshed and revitalised in your body and mind, here is how it goes:

  • Cut out alcohol
  • Cut out black tea and coffee(or at least cut it down),drink more herbal teas, detox teas like lemon and ginger
  • Drink more water(at least 2-3 litres a day)
  • Cut down on carbohydrates (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes).Only eat them at lunch time, not for dinner, and preferably wholegrain.
  • Eat more vegetables, soups, salad, fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Try and eat proteins (eggs, fish, chicken, meat) only with vegetables and salads and not with carbohydrates

It’s not difficult, try it. If you get any toxic headaches the first few days, don’t worry, that is just the release of toxins and waste products coming out from your body and it’s normal during a detox. Just drink more water and it will go away and you should start to feel better and better for each day. Don’t push yourself hard, just do what you can, enjoy it, and even a small change will make a difference and make you feel happy and ready for Summer! (obviously if you are under the care of a doctor then don’t do it)